Odalis Garcia

Odalis G

Odalis Garcia, aka Odalis G is a female emcee from La Habana del Este. Odalis Garcia currently resides in the 502. She brings a unique style of rapping with a mixture of lyrical spanglish. Her singles, “DROP” and “Money” are both heavy hitters. You can can download Odalis G music through the links below.

Additional Links to Odalis Garcia Music

Odalis G. female emcee Louisville KY

Want to know more about Odalis Garcia? You can view all of  Odalis G tweets on  Nitter. Pandora is another place for the single DROP. Another place to stream Odalis G is on iHeartradio.

If there’s an airway, Odalis Garcia, the female emcee from the 502 is on it.

Hot one Dropped "MONEY"

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